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Back to Reality. Kind of. July 17, 2010

Filed under: The Good Life — Missus Mac @ 5:31 pm

Today is our first day back home since returning from our trip to Rio. Everyone keeps asking how we feel, but it still feels surreal. There are moments when I feel it hit me, just a bit, before I compose myself and let the feeling subside. Maybe this is from years of telling myself not to get my hopes up about big things, or maybe it is that fear that all good things come with a price. Perhaps it is from thinking this is all too good to be true, but either way, this is true, and real. In fact, Wes has two interviews on Monday, one at about 4AM in the form of a phone interview from a Yahoo media person calling from London, and then that afternoon the local news station is coming out to film with him.

It’s noon, and on any other Saturday Wes and I would either still be in bed, working, or watching TV. However, after all of the excitement and a week of waking up early and walking or keeping busy every single day,  laying about just does  not sound appealing to either of us. So, we’re getting our fishing gear out and heading to the nearest pond just so we can be out doing something.

I’ve uploaded a few videos from our camera, and I was also able to finally get an album of our pictures together on Facebook.

Here is the video I took of Wes competing in, and winning, the Yahoo Penalty Shootout.

Here is Yahoo’s (concise) video of the event:

There are a few professional photos and an article at Yahoo World Football’s official Facebook Page


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