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That I may give for everyday Some good Account at last. July 19, 2010

Filed under: The Good Life — Missus Mac @ 1:27 am

In Books, or Work, or healthful Play
Let my first Years be past,
That I may give for every Day
Some good Account at last.

-Issac Watts

Sunday, a real day of rest for me. Well, if you call being miserably sick, “restful.”

I decided I couldn’t let so empty a day pass without a little update on things.

I learned earlier that the overseas phone call Wes is expecting tomorrow is from Yahoo, discussing the “implications” of winning the grand prize. Of course, that word doesn’t exactly give us positive vibes, but then again the man who has been corresponding with us seems to speak English as a second language. I’m hoping “implications” is a mistranslation.

In the meantime, I’m still researching sporting events and trips around the world, learning about new events in the process including Bushkazi and Nagol. I expected to have my eyes opened to new experiences with this golden opportunity, but little did I know the education would start before I’d even left the house! I love it!


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