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You can take the sickly out of the house, but you can’t take the sick out of the sickly. July 19, 2010

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Today started off just the same as yesterday, with a phone call to my job telling them I really wouldn’t want to be served food by a person hacking and gagging like I have been.  They agreed.

I spent the day sucking on cough drops and keeping Dayquil in my system, all the while trying to remember to keep the fluids coming. Wes had to remind me Dr. Pepper is not the kind of fluid the doctors mean. *sad face*

Wes called the Yahoo people, as scheduled, but that phone call ended up not working out because of technical difficulties with the conference call. They are going to try again tomorrow.

At 3:00 this afternoon we made our way over to the Texas A&M soccer stadium to meet up with the camera man/ reporter for ABC 40 for an interview. I guess, since we live in College Station and Wes went to A&M, it seemed like a proper setting. Oh, it was so hot! I kept thinking about how nice it was in Rio, as opposed to 100 degrees with cloud cover here!

The reporter, Jeff, was very nice and did a great job of making us comfortable with the camera and speaking into the microphone. Of course, Wes is beginning to be old hat at this, but this was only my third time and I started out a bit nervous. I certainly had hoped I could avoid camera time, but they talked me into it. I still have the yucky sinus drainage stuff going on, so my voice has a miserable nasal tone to it- I really hope they chunk that footage! Besides, I called in sick to work today, so how does that look if I show up on TV tomorrow night. Oh well, it’s not like anyone could just sit at home sucking on cough drops while their husband is getting filmed for the news! I sucked it up and went out for moral support, but I’m paying for it now in hot and cold sweats and complete exhaustion.

The reporter said that we can expect our spot to be aired at 10pm on Wednesday, and he offered to send us a copy of it as well, so we’re excited! The website is http://www.abc40.com, so if you are interested you can see what channel and time it will air if you are in the area. They are based out of Waco, so they have quite a big area to cover, including College Station and Corsicana, I believe.

I shot some pictures today, so enjoy!


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