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World travelers we will be! August 13, 2010

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If you’ve been wondering about what is going on with our trips we won, here is the update:

Yahoo! gave us an extension on our deadline for deciding which events we wanted to attend in 2011, which was originally July 30th, and pushed it back to August 15th. After much debate, we have chosen to attend the following sporting events:


2011 NFL Pro Bowl

Honolulu, Hawaii

HECK YEAHHH!!! Some people have wondered why we didn’t choose the Super Bowl, but since it’s going to be in DALLAS next year… why waste such a precious prize on an event in the same state? Maybe in the next few years we will go, but any event stateside is just not very appealing to us right now. If we were to do something in the US (besides the Pro Bowl), we are considering the Iditarod in Alaska and the Kentucky Derby in Kentucky. For 2011, though, it’s going to be the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, because by January I know we’ll be itching for a beach vacay 😉


2011 South Pacific Games

New Caledonia

Held in New Caledonia this year, the South Pacific Games are a multi -sport event, much like the Olympics (albeit on a much smaller scale), with participation exclusively from countries around the South Pacific. It is held every four years and began in 1963, hosted by Suva, Fiji.


2011 Rugby World Cup

New Zealand

The Rugby World Cup is, outside of the USA, the biggest sporting event in the world second only to the FIFA World Cup. The Rugby Word Cup will be held in different venues throughout New Zealand.


Melbourne Football Club game

Melbourne, Australia

We’re going to stop in Melbourne between NZ and NC for a soccer game 🙂


So, those are our vacation plans for 2011, courtesy of my wonderful husband’s determination to win the Yahoo’s Sports Pass! If you need catching up on this crazy story, please see the first of my blog posts.

As far as real life goes, we’re almost done tiling, and the carpet will be installed Saturday morning so that we can START moving in. We need to be out of our place by Sunday. Yep, it should be exciting. Thankfully, Wes’s wonderful parents are coming to help this weekend, so that will be a HUGE help! THANK YOU, PETE & TERRY!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’ll be back to report on how the move and new job goes next week!


One Response to “World travelers we will be!”

  1. PPR Says:

    Sounds like an absolutely INCREDIBLE opportunity!! I’m sure you’ll have a blast at each and every destination!

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