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Moving sucks. August 20, 2010

Filed under: The Good Life — Missus Mac @ 6:54 pm

We officially moved in Sunday, but we’ve been so busy this week the only thing we’ve got set up is the kitchen, but even that is missing some stuff. At least we have a toilet now, so that’s nice.

My first week at my new job was awesome, everyone I work with is super nice, and my boss is really cool (and not the hovering kind, either).  The company is owned and managed by women, and out of 70 employees I believe there are only 5 men… as evidenced by the Bingo game on Wednesday and the bracelets passed out at our monthly meeting on Thursday. I love how this company shows their employees each and every day how much they are appreciated; whether it’s an email from the owner asking everyone to join in on the fitness boot camp that’s starting Tuesday (I’m gonna do it!) or getting everyone involved in the Wednesday Bingo game (I won a $5 Sonic giftcard and a Blow Pop on B13!)

Today was the last day for the girl whose position I’m taking, as she is going to start student teaching next week, so everyone pitched in for a potluck luncheon. Tons of great food, I was picking at it all day :S

I should probably just bow to the inevitable and start unpacking. Blogging is just another method of procrastination today, but MAN I don’t feel like dealing with the mountains of boxes! I guess it has to be done at some point, though.

My wonderful aunt is coming tomorrow to give us her old couch, and I am SUPER excited about seeing her!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’ll update about the boot camp later!



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