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The Suspense is Killing Me! August 30, 2010

Filed under: The Good Life — Missus Mac @ 1:53 pm

Ahh yes! The week of the pup! Friday we get to pick up our boy, Miko. Unfortunately, he is 3 hours away so I’m going to try and finagle my way out of work at least two hours early. I’m just trying to get through this week so I can bring him home! Well, to my granny’s at least. Wes is going to leave for the ranch to go hog hunting after picking up Miko. He figures since he’ll already be to San Antonio he might as well go all the way down there. Looks like I’ll be a single pup parent for the first few days! Granny volunteered to have Miko and I over for the weekend, so he’ll get to meet her and hopefully we’ll get some potty training done before I take him home on Sunday.

Last weekend was fabulous! We drove to Corsicana on Friday, arriving at 7:30 to a delicious dinner at the grandparents’ house. The next day we took the boat out with my aunt, uncle, and their twin 6 yr olds, Cole & Morgan. A few of us wakeboarded (resulting in a sprained ankle and whiplash from a face plant for me) and then it was time for the kids to water ski. Morgan picked it right up, because she’d done it before, and just rode around for as long as her daddy could hold the rope. Finally he just dropped it because it was time to give Cole his turn. After a couple of failed attempts at getting up, Cole had had enough.  Maybe next year, buddy.

That night Wes and I headed back to College Station to try and get a full Sunday of unpacking done (yes, we are still not through putting our house together). Unfortunately, I was so sore and in pain from my sprained ankle, a sore hip and neck to do much besides lie on the couch. Then Wes’s mom called and said she left her purse in the truck we came home in, so we trekked halfway back to Corsicana last night to meet them for some yummy BBQ and to give the purse back.

We went to bed early last night, and apparently Wes woke up bright and early to go grocery shopping before I even got up at 6:30. The smell of turkey sausage frying got me out of bed, and there was a plate of eggs and a cup of coffee waiting for me. It was really nice, and he even packed my lunch for me! Now THAT is a great start to a Monday!

I’m still hobbling around work, but I’m much less sore and my hot yoga class tonight should help with that. Hopefully my ankle will be healed for boot camp tomorrow, since I’ve already paid for 12 weeks worth of sessions! I’m feeling really great since I have kept to my good eating habits (last night was the only cheat I’ve had!) and my schedule will keep my active this fall: Hot Yoga on Mondays, fitness boot camp on Tues & Thurs, and kickball on Wednesdays not to mention a dog who will need his walks!! Wes is also joining the kickball team as well as a soccer league.

I hope everyone has a great week!!


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