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Bringing Puppy Home September 7, 2010

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We picked up Miko Friday afternoon, and I took him home by myself while Wes and his bro went on to go hunting 5 hours away. The drive was very uneventful, the pup slept the whole 3 hours! I put him in his crate that night for bedtime, and he cried for a good 40 minutes, and I felt awful, but he did eventually calm down so we both could go to sleep. The next day we bonded, and he was glued to my side by the time we left for the vet at 2. He was such a good puppy! The only thing is that he did growl at the vet tech when she went to collect the fecal sample- I guess I don’t blame him!

Miko giving his dad a kiss before we left

Over the weekend I had 5 visitors, all family and all women, who he was wary of at first but warmed up to after they were properly introduced with “sit” followed by a treat and some good lovin’. However, when Wes and his bro returned last night, Miko was barking and growling at them for the first hour after they walked in the door. I was baffled, because he had not exhibited this behavior at all. They did smell strange because they’d been messing with dead hogs and stuff, so they went to take a shower thinking Miko would warm up to them after the stink was gone, but it still took awhile for him to calm down. What is strange is that both men were there when we picked him up on Friday, and the pup didn’t seem to remember them at all. Maybe the stress of leaving his family and excitement of coming home made him forget. I don’t know, but it has me angry at the lady we got him from. She specifically told me he’d been well socialized with women, children, men and elderly… then again, when we picked him up she mentioned that Miko had never been in the font yard before. Ugh.

He just curled up into a ball and slept most of the way home 🙂

This morning Miko didn’t growl at Wes, even played with him a bit but was obviously still wary and would run back to my side if he got too close. They are spending the day together while I’m at work today, and I already received a text from Wes saying that Miko was warming up to him, but even if they bond it still worries me that the puppy is having that reaction to certain people.

Wes is taking Miko to a puppy socialization/beginning training class tonight, and I’m taking him to another on Monday so we can start catching up on all that he’s missed. Miko is already 11 weeks, which puts him behind as far as socialization and learning bite inhibition (according to the training books), so we have a lot of catching up to do! I’m inviting people over this week and I may take him to the office so he can meet as many ppl as possible.

Question: I read somewhere that aggression can be curbed by avoiding games like tug o’ war and roughhousing with the puppy. Do we need to stop doing this? Wes did both of these with his last husky and he is fine, but I know all dogs are different. Tug o’ war doesn’t seem to affect Miko negatively, but he does seem unsure about rough housing so I haven’t been doing that with him, but Wes was attempting to play/roughhouse with him this morning and Miko ended up running away from him so I told him to hold off on that for now.

Now for some more AWing! Miko has learned sit, shake, and lay down already, and tonight we’ll be working on stay as well as come. Most of the time he is very laid back, plays quietly with his chew toys at my feet or under  the coffee table. As I read in an article, puppies are most active at dawn and dusk, and this has certainly been true with him. While he sleeps most of the day and night, he is very playful for about an hour and a half to two hours in the morning and evening.

Potty training is going well, only one accident and that was on the first night because mommy wasn’t paying attention and gave him too much freedom too soon! No accidents since, though, and he has even been consistent with going to the back door when he needs to go outside. Now I just need him to make some noise or get a bell for him to ring so I know he’s there!

He loves the bathroom! LoL


One Response to “Bringing Puppy Home”

  1. Erin Says:

    Awesome pictures! He’s such a beautiful dog!

    not sure on the tug of war, we are playing that and fetch with our puppy. she hasn’t really shown any aggression thus far, but she follows our Senior doggie quite a bit and our Senior is one of the most trusting outgoing dogs I’ve met.

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