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So, we’re not newlyweds anymore? September 22, 2010

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Sunday we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary (yes, we made it)! I awoke to a yummylicious smell wafting from the kitchen, and then my wonderful husband served the most exquisite homemade breakfast: A re-creation of what we had every morning of our honeymoon- Eggs benedict made with smoked salmon and roasted rack of lamb. Let me tell you, it was much better than what we had on our honeymoon! Seriously! That man can cook!   

Since we knew we had such a busy day on our actual anniversary, we popped some bubbly Saturday night and watched a movie (Remember Me- it is so good.. and a real tearjerker). Sunday, after that excellent breakfast, we watched football for a while before Wes went to get ready for his city league soccer game. Miko and I followed him to the field, but it was pouring rain so I decided to take the pup home so he didn’t get too muddy, and of course it stopped raining when we got home. After his game, Wes met me at kickball practice. Oh, didn’t I mention that I’m assistant coach on a city league kickball team? Well, I am. LoL. We just met to practice a bit and learn all of the rules before our first game, which is tonight at 9:15! It’s going to be a late night, and I’m already sleep deprived!   

Why am I sleep deprived, you ask? Two reasons: First, when I finally get home after work and whatever else I have going that day (puppy class, fitness training) I have a ton to do as far as dinner, dishes, laundry before I try to squeeze in some time with my beloved husband. I stay up too late because I’m just trying to spend some time with him because most days I only see him for an hour or two before I go to bed. Secondly, our wonderful puppy tends to wake up anywhere between 3 and 5 in the morning for a drink of water and to go to the bathroom. I can’t hold that against him, but it does take him awhile to go back to sleep so that is usually 30 minutes to an hour of sleep I lose with him.   

So, that explains why today I barely had time to get dressed and hop in the car (sans makeup) only to get to work and realize I forgot the kickball schedule that I’ve been meaning to bring to work all week, AND it completely slipped my mind that today is Wednesday and I’d signed up to make a dish for a co-worker’s birthday potluck that we’re doing. I pretty much had to say, “oh, well” because I only had five minutes before I had to start working. Then I thought I would just take an early lunch to go pick up something, but then twenty minutes after I get here, everyone starts warming their dips up and bringing out the cheese balls… well, poo. So, we lined up to partake in the spread, and I had nothing to contribute, but I’m still going to grab something later. Maybe they can have it as an afternoon snack.   

Needless to say, it’s been a rough morning. However, it’s still better than the day I had last week where I ended up in tears over lunch with the hubs because I was so stressed and sleep-deprived. Apparently, all I needed was a good cry because I’ve felt much better since. I guess that was my “quarterly cry”, lol. I literally only cry every few months, if that.   

Miko has been doing great, he knows to go to the door to be let out, so we only have accidents when we don’t see him go to the door. We need a bell for him to ring while he’s over there. The puppy class we’ve been taking him to once a week has done wonders for him as far as interacting with other dogs, humans, and it also wears him out for a good night’s sleep! I can’t wait until he is old enough to go to the dog park, I know he’ll love that.   

Also, happy 97th birthday to Wes’s granddad, whose party we attended on Friday! Still looking great, Maco!   

I’ll try to remember and post some recent pictures of the puppy. In the mean time, here’s our latest family portrait:   

The McElroys


3 Responses to “So, we’re not newlyweds anymore?”

  1. Erin Says:

    Love the photo!!!!

  2. PPR Says:

    Adorable family you have there, lady 🙂

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