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Update FAIL October 20, 2010

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Making Friends at Puppy Class

Miko meeting Paint

Yes, so about that “updating next week” thing at the end of my last post… FAIL, I know.

Round Top was a ton of fun, it was a great girls’ weekend that almost made me wish Wes went out of town more often. Almost.




Miko watching Daddy play soccer


Hmmm, okay, I’m trying to remember what happened after that weekend. In fact, I am thinking in bullets so that is how I’m going to type it:

  • Miko started puppy K-9 kindergarten
  • We went to a local event on the 9th called “Wienerfest” (racing dachsunds-hilarious)
  • Hosted a little birthday get together for our friend
  • Miko comes home from puppy class the following Monday and we notice him sneezing, coughing so we took him to the doctor the next day to find out he has an upper respiratory infection. Quarantined from other dogs and antibiotics for two weeks.
  • We keep dominating in kickball, looks like we might make it to the playoffs!
  • Went to the State Fair last weekend, which was an experience but overall I don’t see myself going again for a long time.
  • My BFF, AJ, and her fiance met us at the Fair and then came back to College Station to celebrate her 23rd birthday and spend the night before they went home. We were exhausted from our day at the fair, but the puppies played for a several hours!
  • Wes joined a soccer league, which of course he loves, and they are doing pretty well!

Wes & I at the fair

Miko went back to the docter yesterday for a check-up, and she says he’s doing better but to keep on the antibiotics. I’m thinking we’ll have to ask for a refund for the puppy classes we missed, or at least get that applied to another class in the future. To be honest, and I know you won’t believe me because I’m his “mom”, but we think Miko is too advanced for this class, anyway. The pup has known “lay” for two months now, and the last class we went to they were still going over it… I’m certain he’s ready for bigger and better things 😉

This weekend we actually do not have anything planned, for once, and I am totally looking forward to it! Weekend after that is my cousin’s wedding, so yay for her!

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks:

Tired boy!

He likes to swim!


There are a bunch more pics on Facebook, so just click this link if you’d like to see them:


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