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Feeding a Species-Appropriate Diet October 18, 2011

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As I discuss on The Pup page, I encourage feeding your dog or cat a raw diet, also known as a species-appropriate diet (because that is exactly what it is). I have found that the best way for you to discover why and how to switch to the raw diet is to do your research. Listed below are the best resources I have found and personally used in the past when learning how to feed my pup a species-appropriate diet. I sincerely hope that you and your pet benefit from the resources below and your decision to feed raw!

This website has a quick start guide, and this is the way I feed my dog… it’s my favorite website for raw: http://www.preymodelraw.com/

http://www.skylarzack.com/rawfeeding.htm is another good one





http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oldrawguys/ (for older dogs and cats)




I use these forums all of the time, so if you have any questions the people are really good about answering them:




Now that you’ve done your research you may want to contact a veterinarian that supports the raw diet. Here is a list:



Are you ready to go shopping? Ethnic markets are a great place to find meat at bargain prices.

La Michoacana in Bryan is where I buy whole chickens to cut up as well as beef at more affordable prices. They also give away free bags of scrap fat/meat so just ask the guys behind the counter for some.


BCS Food Market is an Asian market in College Station. They have a lot of exotic meats and parts (like chicken feet for treats) for very cheap.


Texas Tripe delivers to College Station as well as other cities in Texas and has some good prices for buying meat in bulk.

I have called around to the “meat markets” in the area, and none do their own butchering (that I know of) so the prices are on par with the grocery stores. If you know of any places that regularly have deals on meat, or if you spot a hot sale somewhere in town, please share with the rest of us!
Also, if you know of good places to find deals on meat, please share!


Still feeding kibble? Wondering if what you’re feeding is good for your pup? Check out http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/

For questions, comments, or just someone to share your raw feeding journey with, feel free to email me directly at BrazosRawFedPets@Gmail.com


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