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Amsterdam July 27, 2012

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First of all, I really should explain why I’m writing a trip review of Amsterdam a full two months after our return. The day after we returned from Amsterdam, my husband and I found out that we’re expecting our first child! So, since then I’ve been a little preoccupied preparing for our new arrival, so I do hope you’ll accept that as my excuse for being so tardy to post.

On to Amsterdam! We flew from Dallas to Amsterdam via New York City (JFK), and since I’d never been to NYC before I was in awe of how HUGE the city really is. I’m sure this sounds dumb since we all know it is one of the largest cities in the world, but it was even larger than I realized! I think this is because they show the same buildings over and over on TV. Anyway, during our layover at JFK we witnessed a plane engine catch on fire during takeoff, and while the plane was able to land safely it was quite scary.


The flight to Amsterdam was only 6h45min, but of course I couldn’t sleep so we were exhausted when we got there. Here I am in front of our hotel, Hotel Estherea, fresh off the flight. Despite having issues with check-in (not the hotel’s fault, but our agent’s), we really enjoyed staying there and would recommend it to anyone traveling to the city.


Our first day we took it easy, ate at a nice bakery that had excellent French and Belgian pastries and then went to bed early.

Our second day there, we started with a canal tour with Holland International. This tour was included in our Holland Pass tickets, which is a nice way to save if you’re going to do a lot of touristy stuff. We chose the Holland Pass instead of the iAmsterdam card because we wanted to see less of museums and more things that the Holland Pass included that the card didn’t. Anyway, I suggest you research what both offer to see what works best for you!


Canal Tour

That afternoon, we continued on to the Van Gogh Museum and the Heineken Experience. The Van Gogh was neat, of course, but we loved the Heineken Experience- very interactive, interesting and fun!


They even had horses! If you know me, then you know that was my favorite part 🙂

That evening, we had dinner with Jon and Amanda, relatives of mine who moved to Amsterdam last year. They have the cutest new baby, Aletta, whose first outing was with us to dinner at fantastic French restaurant down the street from their house.

The next two days Wes was sick so I struck out on my own and took hundreds of pictures. I loved the architecture in Amsterdam, which you’ll be able to tell by viewing my pictures!
We went to Keukenhof to see the gardens on our last day, and it was definitely a must-do!


If you have any specific questions about our trip or would like food and activity recommendations, please feel free to email me at MissusMcTraveler@Gmail.com

To view all of our photos, select from the albums below:

Welcome to Amsterdam!

Exploring Amsterdam

Keukenhof & Goodbye, Amsterdam!


We leave next week for the Olympic Games in London! We’ll be attending the men’s football (soccer) quarterfinals and women’s handball quarterfinals!


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