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Our Story February 26, 2010

Sounds crazy, but there is no way this kind of “chemistry” could have happened without the good Lord’s hand in it!

I was a freshman in college, second semester and bored of the frat boy scene.

I was on myspace one day and saw an advertisement that said, “Find Christian Friends.” Naive as I was, I really thought it meant find “Friends”, so I joined and on the first search page I saw a picture of this gorgeous guy so I clicked….

The next day I get an instant message from the guy I clicked, and we end up talking to each other for 9 hours straight. No matter that this was during finals, we were talking to each other on the phone for 6+ hours daily until one night we finally decided to meet. We were both talking about how hungry we were, and although he was in College Station and I was in Stephenville, we decided to use hunger as an excuse to meet. At 1 AM he and I met at the IHOP in Waco, about a 2 hour drive for both of us, and had the most fabulous meal one could possibly hope for at IHOP! As soon as I saw him step out of his car, my heart fluttered and I knew this was someone out of the ordinary, someone I would be wanting to learn more and more about every day of my life!

We talked and talked over chicken fried steak and stuffed french toast that night, but eventually we had to part, and yes I did call several people beforehand and tell them that I was meeting a man off the internet before I went, so I got into my car and drove a couple of hours back to my dorm room while on the phone with my “safety call” (a.k.a. I was gushing about my wonderful date with Mr. Husband-to-Be)

A few days later we met in his town while I was visiting my best friend, and spent a few hours together before I headed back.

When I returned, I learned that my Great-grandfather passed away, and his funeral was just south of Temple so I had to drive through Waco on my way back to school to finish up with finals. Husband-to-Be was kind enough to meet me there and buy me dinner that night, and he was very understanding over dinner as i reminisced about Papaw , and we further bonded with a long walk, dancing and kissing in the rain… it was soooo romantic!

The next day, I spent a night talking with some close friends, and then called my DH and asked him to be my boyfriend.

The rest, as they say, is history!


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