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The Proposal February 26, 2010

His story:

For many months I had been looking for the perfect ring. We had gone to many places and looked at some online and she loved the emerald cut rings. However, there are many different styles, settings, etc so I think I pretty much became a diamond and jewelry expert during this time. One night I was on my computer looking for rings online (the future missus was secretly watching also I believe) and I heard a gasp come out of her when I pulled up a certain ring. THAT was the one. However, I made up many excuses of how it would not be possible for us to get that ring and so she pretty much gave up on it. Next day I was on the phone ordering it.

The ring was supposed to arrive at my parents house at 10:30 on a Wednesday morning via overnight shipping (I purchased it on Tuesday). That Friday was the future Missus’s 21st birthday and I already had a plan in the works to propose at the restaurant during her birthday celebration. Since the birthday girl and I were leaving for Austin on Thursday evening, the plan was to meet my mom early Thursday morning, halfway between Corsicana and College Station to make the exchange.

But of course it couldn’t be this easy. My mom had an appointment scheduled in Dallas on Wednesday afternoon, and needed to leave the house by 11:00. We knew this was cutting it close since the ring was to arrive at 10:30 but we assumed it would work out. WELL….at 10:50 the ring still hadn’t arrived and my mom had to leave, since the courier needed a signature on the package someone had to be at the house, or we’d have to wait to get it on Thursday. So my mom called one of her good friends to ask if she would mind coming over to sit for a little while and sign for the ring. Her friend agreed (Thank you so much!) and came over, but she too had afternoon plans and wasn’t going to be able to stay long. Luckily my Pepa’s (my dad’s dad) golf game was rained out so he was able to come back and be the relief ring sitter at about noon.

While this is going on, I was having to try to make plans and phone calls secretly. The wireless internet on Miss Thang’s computer wasn’t working so she was in my room most of the time with an ethernet cord attached to my computer. So it was next to IMPOSSIBLE to use internet to check with the courier to see what was going on. Also, I was receiving calls from the place where I purchased the ring, her family who I’d tried to contact earlier, and the restaurant where the whole plan was going down. Trying to keep this all a surprise, I had to keep walking out of my room (outside sometimes) so she wouldn’t notice…I think I had her really worried about me for a while and she asked why so many banks and bill collectors were calling (it’s all I could come up with on the spot).

Finally at 2:00 I was able to sneak into my brothers room across the hall and get on his computer to pull up the tracking email to see what was going on. When I logged on I was horrified. It said the ring had been delivered at 11:40 and had been signed for by a J. Black…I don’t know a J. Black!!! I called Pepa (outside again) to explain the situation. Wisely, he got out a phone book and found a J. Black on the same street as my parents. He walked down the street and knocked on the door…no answer. To prevent myself from spoiling everything I told my lady I was going to run some errands, and I did, to the Best Buy parking lot across the street where I called the company who had delivered the ring to the wrong address and gave them a “nice talking to”.

So they sent the driver back to the house where he delivered the ring. He also discovered that no one was home so went to my parents house. By this time my mom had gotten back from Dallas and was able to talk to the delivery person. It was now about 5:00 (talk about 3 hours of torture!) Luckily, the person who had signed for the ring was a long time customer and the delivery person had his cell phone number. He called the guy and found out that he had come to Corsicana to pick up a few packages that day, signed for them (the ring included), tossed them into his car, and driven to Fort Worth and was not going to be back to Corsicana for a few days. So, the courier said he would fix it and drove up to Ft. Worth, then back to Corsicana and delivered the ring to my mom at about 10:00 PM that evening. WHEW!

I met my mom the next day and brought the ring back to College Station, and then the birthday girl and I left for Austin that evening.

The next day, her 21st b-day, she was very excited, and I was the most nervous I have been in my life. I tried to keep my mind off it all day but it was difficult. I called the restaurant earlier in the week and told them what I wanted to do and everything was set up for that evening. With the help of several friends and future family, we were able to keep everything a secret from my future fiance and make sure things were set with the restaurant. After dinner the waitress brought out the desert cake and per my request they had written “Will You Marry Me?” in icing across the top. I got the ring out and got down on one knee before it had completely “hit her” and asked her to marry me. We had pulled it off, she was completely surprised!

Her story:

May 8, 2009, my 21st birthday! A group of us including family and friends went to the Roaring Fork in Austin to celebrate, and it was a great dinner and beautiful location. When it came time to order dessert, I orded a mini chocolate peanut butter cake, and when the waitress set it down in front of me, in chocolate was written, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”.
I guess my brain was expecting to see “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” written, if anything, so it took a few moments to register what it actually said. Still staring at it I said, “what?”, and then I heard my boyfriend move next to me. I turned to look at him and he was on bended knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen! Then he popped the question and I said, “OF COURSE! YES! YES!” He slipped the ring on my finger and everyone in the restaurant was clapping and congratulating us. I cried for about an hour straight after that, just because I was so completely surprised and shocked… we have been wanting to get engaged for quite awhile but I had just about given up on it happening any time soon. My future husband did a great job leading me to believe otherwise, and I am so happy he pulled off the perfect surprise!

The Ring


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